Terms and Conditions


Welcome to our Vetsite. By continuing to use this Vetsite and our services, you are agreeing to irrevocably and unconditionally comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy serve as the recordal of a service agreement between MDS and you ("the Customer") whether you use our MDS Vetsite to place a testing request, known as "an order", or whether you log an order with MDS staff, when a hardcopy request form is submitted with samples:

  1. Our terms and conditions must be accepted before "an order" will be processed.

  2. Whilst MDS does not warrant its services, it will use all reasonable endeavours to complete the services within the estimated time frames of the specific test and to meet the Customer’s requirements and expectations of quality.

  3. The following terms will apply to each order submitted:

    • Payment and/or proof of payment is required with submitted samples or before the release of results;
    • Unidentified samples will not be tested;
    • When multiple sample types are submitted for testing, customers will be charged for each test performed per sample type;
    • The reported test result/s will relate only to the specific samples submitted;
    • Each test done by MDS is internally controlled to validate the testing process and the collected sample. However, this mechanism does not allow us to validate "pooled" samples. We therefore discourage "pooling" of samples;
    • Termination of the test request is required in writing; and
    • Customers will only be reimbursed if the test request is cancelled before testing has commenced.

  4. Should MDS return a verifiable erroneous result for a particular sample, or if negligence is proven on the part of MDS, any claim against MDS is limited to the amount paid or to be paid to perform the test in question. In no event shall MDS be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or other damages of any nature whatsoever even if MDS has been informed of the possibility of such damages being suffered.

  5. Needles are inherently dangerous and because needles are used outside of MDS' control, MDS will in no circumstances be liable for any damages or injury caused by needles, the user accepting full responsibility for the use and safe disposal of the needles, which are used entirely at the user’s risk.

  6. We realize the importance of confidentiality in the services we provide and undertake to abide by our Privacy Policy.

  7. Please note: All results will be reported on the latest version of the Results Report template.

  8. Standard citation is used on the report for comments on the results.